This professional product range has been formulated with essential aromatherapy oils but contains no harmful chemicals.


The products are designed to work deeper on the upper layer of the skin due to the active ingredients used which are formulated to balance the PH of the skin.

Eve Taylor has never tested on Animals and all packaging can be safely recycled after use. This brand is used worldwide due to its core values of Professional, affordable, proven, trusted and uncomplicated.

A hair colouring and product range that really delivers on quality.
The colour ranges are more than 90% naturally derived and contain argon oil and shea butter for beautiful silky colour and condition.


The colour range is vast, with an abundance of options for creativity. Lightening and lifting ranges give clean results. Therefore toning and colour maintenance visits are reduced.

Kitoko haircare and styling range is formulated with a unique
botanical blend of restorative and rejuvenating qualities that not
only smells divine the difference they make to the hair is
immediate and unbelievable.

This range of products work on improving total body wellness, through its biodynamic nurturing of the finest plant ingredients and anthroposhical approach from a diverse culture.


As a wellbeing advisor I understand and practice ethical values to remain sustainable. Weleda is Natrue certified and UBET accepted as a company whose products work by being totally natural and in harmony with the human body.

Alongside one to one consultations and advice on suitable products I also have an online shop where you can research more about Weleda and the wonderful products that we offer at

This amazing treatment will instantly enhance your natural lashes with amazing results by lifting the lashes from the roots giving the illusion of longer fuller lashes which will open up the eye.
This is complemented by a lash tint which will define the eyes without the need for often irritating lash glues.

Skin test required 24-48 hours prior to treatment.

This mineral make up range is as clean as can be, with long lasting results and ingredients that treat and protect the skin. Each product is multifunctional and includes benefits such as SPF and ingredients that can improve problem skins.

A minimal amount is needed for good coverage.


You can build up the amount of coverage you require without
feeling that your face is overloaded with make-up, but always giving
a flawless finish.

This is the go to brand for TV and film make- up artists as its excellent durability and coverage are hard to match without the skin feeling “caked” in make- up. Layers can be built up gradually or kept to a minimum but the coverage will always be excellent and long lasting.

Meso Renew

Meso renew is the use of a specially adapted needle, with tips that micro massage and penetrate 0.2mm-0.3mmin the skin. This penetration has enough depth to allow a specially selected serum to pass through to the lower levels of the skin, stimulating collagen, elastin and other structures of the skin depending on the specific serums used. Meso renew is less invasive than other skin needling systems.

Conditions that may be treated by Meso renew:
Dehydrated skin
Sun damaged skin
Post acne scarring
Wrinkles and lines
Loss of elasticity
Signs of ageing
Double chin
Excessively oily skin


Contra-indications to treatments:
Pregnancy or breast feeding
Psoriasis, Eczema or Dermatitis
Blood clotting disorders
Acne or 6 months after Roaccutane type treatments
Some allergies
Hypersensitive skin
Thread Veins
Two weeks post botox
Three weeks after filler

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